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Wednesday، 8 December 2021
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Media Makes City Management Close to Citizens

Mayer Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf at the closing ceremony of 4th Festival of City Newspapers in Honar Cultural Center, to honor memory of martyrs of air crash C130, and with reference to opening of Resaneh Cultural Center said that the inauguration of Resaneh Cultural Center was the minimum Municipality...

could do for journalists and hoped that the center could be the connecting bridge between city management and the residents as well as a means to raise a new generation of journalists.
He said that the center was a place for journalists to get together and was not supposed to act as a news agency. He admired journalists for representing the public opinion and being capable of conveying abilities and weaknesses of city management to the people.

He continued: “I expect the journalists to look at the points deeply, fairly, and kindly, offer constructive criticisms without prejudice, and fill the gap between the city management and the citizens in order to provide us the opportunity to do the jobs well.”

It is essential to increase the level of public knowledge and reflect their wishes and wants to city management. The power of office is in serving the rights of people, bringing progress to the city, and providing reasonable living condition to the citizens specially the youths.

Mayor concluded that the festival should bring hope and advancement to the writers and expected that press to fulfill their mission without any shortcomings.

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