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Thursday، 28 October 2021
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Singapore Arts Festival closes with total attendance of 600,000
:: CNA

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Arts Festival this year attracted 600,000 people over four weeks.

This year's attendance, however, fell to 74.2 per cent from last year's 81.2 per cent. Organisers attributed the drop to the effects of inflation and a slowing economy.

"The Architecture of Silence", which had 45 dancers and 80 opera singers, was a sold-out hit at this year's Singapore Arts Festival.

Getting such acts to Singapore is not cheap, but the National Arts Council managed to stage more performances this year compared to last year.

At a cost of S$7 million, the council said its budget is modest, compared to the arts festivals in Hong Kong and Edinburgh which have budgets of over S$10 million each.

Director of the Singapore Arts Festival, Goh Ching Lee, said: "We have been very good in stretching our dollar. In spite of the S$7 million budget we have, (we) still managed to create a very diverse programme - both indoor and outdoor programmes."

Festival organisers are already thinking about new ways to make next year's festival better.

One suggestion is to start the festival one week earlier, so that families who are heading overseas can attend performances first before leaving at the start of the school holidays.

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