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Wednesday، 8 December 2021
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Iranian Year 1388 Proposed as “Year of Ferdowsi”
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Neishabour Foundation has proposed that the Iranian year, 1388, be called “Year of Ferdowsi” which coincides with the 1000th anniversary of completion of Shah Nameh by the great Iranian epic poet, Ferdowsi.
Shahr quoted Dr. Joneidi, director of Neishabour Foundation, as saying that Shah Nameh was exactly finished in Iranian year 388 and the new year, 1388, would be the 1000th year after completion of Shah Nameh.
Also, since the new Iranian year, 1387, had been called as “Year of Roudaki” by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Neishabour Foundation has proposed that next year should be called as the “Year of Ferdowsi”.
Dr. Fereidoun Joneidi, a Shah Nameh researcher and director of Neishabour Foundation is also planning to publish his own edited version of Shah Nameh, which will be most probably published next year.

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